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Founded in 2020 by Manjot , Phonelinks4u is the quality high tech brand offering express repairs of Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets.

The Concept of Phonelinks4u was born out of clear necessity in the market place for trusted solution for those looking tech repairs. After finishing the university, Manjot identified through his own misfortune with his smartphone that the market was completely under serviced. Despite the fact that smartphones were becoming part and parcel to our everyday lives.

It was here beginning his mission so he studied and learned the smartphone repairs back in 2010. Since then he working for top brand smartphone repair companies.

During pandemic he come with idea of doorstep repair. The idea was so popular And Successful so he decided to open a first official store. There is a saying “where there is will there is way”, The very first Phonelinks4u store was opened on The Broadway, Wimbledon.

Phonelinks4u specialises in repairing Smartphones, tablets and computers including iPhone, iPad and Samsung and we pride on while you wait turnaround times, valid warranty and guaranteeing the security of your private data. Our trained technicians can fix the most common device faults within minutes.

We can replace your screen, give your battery a boost, fix camera issues. We also offer liquid damage repair, logic board repair and data recovery. Not sure what’s wrong? Our tech can run a free Diagnostics too.

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