iPhone 7 Plus Repair Service

At phonelinks4U, we’re all about delivering top-notch repairs with lightning speed, so your phone can be back to its prime in no time. Whether it’s a cracked screen or an unexpected swim in water, we’ve got you covered.

The iPhone 7 Plus wowed users with its 5.5″ HD display, boasting a higher resolution than its predecessor for a clearer and brighter screen. Say goodbye to physical buttons – the iPhone 7 Plus rocks the Force Touch feature, giving you a tactile click sensation without an actual button. Better battery life? Absolutely, with an extra hour compared to the iPhone 6s Plus. And let’s not forget the game-changing dual camera, delivering stellar low-light performance and a depth-of-field feature.

Even the tiniest screen crack means a complete replacement, as our screens come with both the LCD/digitizer and glass pre-bonded together. We use only the best-quality parts, rigorously tested for durability, and throw in a lifetime warranty for iPhone 7 Plus screen replacements, taking just around 30 minutes. If your phone is facing other issues – silent speakers, a stubborn charging dock, or a battery that won’t hold a charge – our tech repair specialists are on standby to diagnose and recommend the necessary fixes.

Whatever your iPhone 7 Plus repair needs, give us a shout. Need an iPhone 7 repair instead? Booking an appointment is a breeze – just pick a date, time, and choose our phonelinks4U store in Wimbledon. We’re not just fixing iPhones; we’re making iPhone Repair in Wimbledon hassle-free with phonelinks4U!