iPhone 6 Plus Repair Service


When your iPhone 6s Plus takes a hit – be it a cracked screen or a phone call where you can barely hear the other person – we get that you want it fixed in a jiffy, and that’s what we’re all about at phonelinks4U. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality repairs with an express turnaround.

Sporting a generous 5.5″ HD display, the iPhone 6s Plus was Apple’s first leap into larger devices. With an improved LED-backlit display compared to the iPhone 6, it brought better quality pixels for an enhanced visual experience. The rear 8MP camera got a lift, and the 6s Plus offered an upgraded gaming experience with improved graphics on its larger screen – perfect for enjoying HD films.

Given its larger size, the 6s Plus is prone to slipping from your hands, leading to potential impacts. If your screen takes a hit, no worries – our iPhone 6s Plus screen replacement covers both the LCD/digitizer and glass screen pre-bonded together. The process takes as little as 30 minutes and comes with a lifetime warranty. We use only the highest quality parts, rigorously tested for durability. And if your phone has additional faults – like a malfunctioning headphone jack or silent speakers – our in-store tech repair specialists can diagnose and recommend the necessary repairs.

For all your iPhone 6s Plus repair needs, hit us up at phonelinks4U. Need an iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, or iPhone 6 Plus repair instead? Booking an appointment is easy – just choose a date, time, and select our phonelinks4U store in Wimbledon. For reliable iPhone Repair in Wimbledon, trust phonelinks4U to have your back!