iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is acting up with a broken screen, cracked camera, or needs a new battery, Phonelinks4U is here to help! We know you want your phone fixed fast so you can enjoy all its awesome features again. Even if your screen has a tiny crack, don’t worry – we’ll replace the whole thing in just 30 minutes!

Our iPhone 11 screen replacements include both the LCD/digitizer and glass screen, and they come with a lifetime warranty. Plus, we can fix other issues too, like speakers not playing music loud enough or water damage. Just drop by our store and our tech repair specialists will diagnose and fix the problem on the spot.

If your iPhone 11 needs a new battery because it’s running slower or losing charge quickly, we’ve got you covered. Book an iPhone 11 battery replacement appointment with Phonelinks4U today, and we’ll aim to have your phone back to you with a fresh battery in just 60 minutes. Visit us for reliable iPhone Repair in Wimbledon.