iPhone 8 Plus Repair Service

At phonelinks4U, we understand how much your iPhone 8 Plus means to you, and when it’s facing issues, you want it fixed pronto. That’s why we offer a lightning-fast, high-quality repair service. Whether your camera is acting up or your battery needs a boost, we’ve got you covered, and the best part? You’ll only be without your phone for around 30 minutes!

The iPhone 8 Plus is packed with awesome features – a generous 5.5″ HD display, a sleek aluminium frame, and front-and-rear glass for a fresh design. Fast wireless charging? Absolutely, thanks to Apple’s newest addition. Plus, the powerful dual 12MP camera ensures your snapshots are sharper than ever.

Cracked screen blues? No worries! Our iPhone 8 Plus screen replacements include both the LCD/digitizer and glass screen pre-bonded together. No matter how small the crack, we replace the entire screen using top-quality parts that undergo rigorous QC testing for durability. And to give you peace of mind, our screen replacements come with a lifetime warranty. We know you’re eager to reunite with your device, so our screen repairs are lightning-quick, taking only around 30 minutes.

If your iPhone 8 Plus is facing other issues, swing by our store and chat with our tech repair specialists. They’ll provide an on-the-spot diagnosis and recommend the necessary repairs.

Got iPhone 8 Plus troubles? Reach out to us, and let’s get your device back to its prime. Need an iPhone 8 repair instead? Booking an appointment is simple – just pick a date, time, and choose our phonelinks4U store in Wimbledon . We’re not just fixing phones; we’re making your iPhone Repair in Wimbledon a breeze!